Our project

the concept


The project gathers an international, interdisciplinar and intersectoral network of organizations working on a joint research programme for the improvement of parents and high-risk neonates health quality and humanization of care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

The core of the project is scaling up and implementing the Family Integrated Care (FICare) model (O'Brien et al., 2018) at a broad social- and cultural contexts. The proof-of-principle lies on the healing power of parent-child relationship by letting parents be parents even when in NICU.

This means that the family will get the control of the upbringing of their child, both from the emotional dimension and from the operational point of view.

The expansion of FICare model requires further research to understand the barriers and facilitators that may constrain its adoption, especially in low and middle countries with very different sociocultural contexts. RISEinFAMILY intends to undertake a targeted implementation research strategy to make the FICare model suitable to all environments (no matter the country and/or the NICU) and to carry out the groundwork to set it as the new international standard of neonatal and family care.

Clinical site specific adaptation and co-creation will ensure that the implementation of the model considers the cultural and income level diversity of the different participating regions being, therefore, flexible enough to be able to adapt to the different cultural and procedural needs in any region.

The RISEinFAMILY: implementation of FICare timeline

Expected outcomes

The RISEinFAMILY consortium,