Family stress and anxiety

Family self-care

Family stress and anxiety

Self-recognition of anxiety and depression

The diagnosis of a disease has a great impact on the patient and the whole family. If this diagnosis occurs in a baby, it is normal for parents to have feelings of sadness, anxiety, or fear. Determining its intensity and duration will help you decide if it is necessary to be helped by a professional.

Being sad is a normal emotional expression in the human being in certain circumstances, while depression implies a pathology, and therefore requires professional care.

Keep in mind that, not necessarily, both members of the couple will approach the situation in the same way, since each person will develop, according to their personality, their own coping mechanisms.

Talking between the parents about everything that worries them, and being able to make explicit to the other partner what the person needs to feel better, is a way to become calmer and avoid conflicts. Accepting and respecting that each one can have a different way of coping with the situation will make the couple form a good team. This is necessary to overcome a difficult situation in the best way possible.